UX Is No Longer A Trend, It's A Must-Have

By Beatriz Cunha·4 min read
UX smartphone Illustration

There are currently over 1 billion sites (1,956,410,340 as I’m writing this sentence) on the world wide web. Having a digital presence has become mandatory for a majority, if not for all institutions, businesses, services, and products. And if you want to keep your site alive and breathing, you need to invest in it. It is no longer enough to have a functional and beautiful website. Designing the user experience (or short version, UX) has become mandatory, as well. Users need to be able to seamlessly interact with your site or platform and, here comes the tricky part, enjoy that interaction.

What is UX design?

It embraces all aspects of the experience a user has when interacting with your site, its services or products. And while it is impossible to design the complete experience a person has at a certain moment (there are way too many variables out of your control), UX design can ensure that all the remaining variables that you can control, are considered.

UX considers the usability, accessibility, consistency, utility and the pleasure provided by the interaction between the user and your site. It involves several processes, from researching to interviewing, testing, wireframing and prototyping, among others. Its purpose is to increase the quality of that experience for the user, while making sure your business's goals are met.

Think about your site like a store, or a restaurant. The food may be amazing, the place may be gorgeous, but if the service is bad, or the food takes too long (or even too little), the overall experience will not be a positive one.

UX design

It not only consider how clients (users) get to the restaurant, but the entire experience from the moment they get come in, to the moment they leave. It will consider if the tables are spacious enough for them and if they can navigate the restaurant without bumping into any chairs.

It will make sure the waiters give them the right amount of time to look at the menu and make their choice while having all the answers about the food if they have any questions. UX will also make sure the bill is presented in a pleasant, clear and transparent way, and make sure all payment methods are available and easy to use.

UX is centered on the users, their needs, their desires and their emotions. The ones they have and the ones they might have. Its main goal is to make the user happy.


Because a happy user, will remember you! Happy users are not only more likely to return to your platform or site, but also to remember it while talking with friends or colleagues. If you like a certain site or a certain product (you might not even remember its name!), you will look for it a second time and make sure you share it.

Something from that experience stayed with you. Investing in user experience can also increase your revenue, raise conversions and reduce future costs and headaches.

At Omibee one of our main goals for the future is to make UX an essential part of our work process and provide not only our clients but also our client’s “clients” with an experience to remember. If you would like to know how UX could help your current or future site, send us an email! Say hello@omibee.com.