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At Omibee we want to create ways to connect with the ones around you, with the most simple, efficient and memorable ways.

We start with a vision and, working with your team, we bring it to life. We provide design and development services, creating well thought solutions.

We create customised solutions to clients around the world on multiple industries.

Tamedia is one of the leading media corporations in Switzerland. The group owns several newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Tamedia also operates their own advertising network called ppn. ppn serves a number of premium publishing brands such as Doodle, Zattoo,,, 20 Minuten and Tagesanzeiger.

Omibee in partnership with Tamedia created templates for hundreds of ads used across their brands. The client’s goal was to rework the designs of ad placements to natively fit into their respective site and app content. The service included individual design proposals and executions as well as template coding and implementation for mobile and desktop applications.


Go Beyond enables small to large and novice to experienced investors to build, manage and exit diversified startup investment portfolios. Operating in multiple European locations and in the USA, its team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and general managers who are now business angels.

Omibee built Go Beyond a dedicated deal platform that allows investors to search and collaborate on investments opportunities, helping entrepreneurs to grow their companies. The system also features a portfolio management solution and an events and membership store.


Engaging Edu creates educational products for math and programming that are used by millions of users monthly and licensed to companies both big and small. Their latest product is Penjee, a web application to help learning how to program.

Omibee is collaborating with Engaging Edu on the development of interactive math related web apps. In particular, the team has had to implement custom mathematical algorithms in advanced math based javascript applications, as well as provide consultation regarding infrastructure, high availability and deployment questions in order to cater for a growing user base.


Adklip is a team of ad tech and operation professionals with over 10 years of direct experience working with publishers and advertisers in the online ecosystem. Adklip’s platform provides monetization solutions to publishers in an innovative and programmatic fashion.

Omibee worked with Adklip, developing solutions that integrate video ad units for publishers that are high impact and native. One of those solutions include a bespoken high availability, highly scalable and low latency ad filtering web app. Omibee also provides technical support, troubleshooting issues across the whole value chain.


As part of an EU project, IAN-AF aims to collect data on food consumption and physical activity of the Portuguese population. The survey results will provide a solid foundation for the development of nutrition education, physical activity policies and food security policies, both in Portugal and in the EU.

Omibee created an appealing and intuitive website to showcase and promote this project. A clean design and a simple structure allow the visitors to get a scope of the initiative, meet the the team behind it and learn about the participatory process. A back-office was also developed to allow IAN to update and share information with its visitors. In 2016, the website will also showcase and help visualize the end results of the survey.


Mini Archi is a Belgian brand that invents playful, intelligent objects : designer objects with minimalist lines to sharpen children’s aesthetic sense.

Products are built in Europe with suitable and sustainable materials.

Omibee collaborated with the client from the start, thinking about the brand and all visuals elements, creating packaging, stands, catalog, social media,  and a multilingual website and webstore that allows to manage order, stocks, taxes, shipping rates and receipts.

Mini Archi

CMUP is a Mathematical research center based at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, dedicated to carry out and support mathematical research, as well as to promote the dissemination of Mathematics as a fundamental discipline for the development of society at all levels.

Omibee created their new website. CMUP team wanted to migrate an existing site content, while improving and creating the ability to manage publications, research, authors, members, projects, research groups, annual reports, subsidies, equipments, conferences and other events. The platform includes several workflows that improve collaboration and manage day to day tasks.


Omibee is a friendly team and we always take care of client’s projects as if they were our own.

We speak english, french, portuguese, spanish and russian.

If you like a good challenge, love to always be learning and improving, you probably are a good fit for our team.

Edgar Costa Picture
Edgar Costa Junior Developer

Edgar has recently finished is degree in Electronics and Informatics and loves the WORLD of web and mobile applications.

When not working in front of the computer (cough, cough), his head is usually way up in the clouds (like a giraffe). Edgar loves cinema and to read thriller books. In his spare time, he also likes to travel and snap photos of everything he sees.

Edgar Costa
João Machado picture
João Machado Developer

João is a Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering but has always been very keen of exploring higher ­level computer science. He’s friendly and curious by nature and is always looking for new things to learn.

When not battling code monsters (because bugs aren’t scary enough!), you’ll likely find him having fun with his friends at a barbecue party.

João Machado
Isabel traveling
Isabel Lopes Content Strategist

With a background in business development, digital content and translation, Isabel plans and manages content for Omibee’s brand and takes care of invoicing and human resources related tasks.

For Isabel there’s always something new to see, no matter how many vacations or journeys she takes. She loves to combine her “wanderlust gene” with her passion for photography and rarely misses the opportunity to snatch up a fashion bargain.

Isabel Lopes
Adriana Vaz Picture
Adriana Vaz Drupal Developer

Adriana has a graduation in New Communication Technology at University of Aveiro, where she first fell in love with web development. Over the years, she had the chance to deepen her knowledge in programming, web and graphic design. At Omibee she is a Junior Drupal Developer in search for a new challenge everyday.

When she’s not at work, you can find her at the movies, hanging out with her friends, or even at home just chilling in the sofa while watching Game of Thrones. When there’s a chance she travels, and you can always find a book and a camera in her bag.

Adriana Vaz
Pedro Faustino sailing
Pedro Faustino Managing Partner

After a few technical positions at various companies, among them the CERN and a WPP company, and not happy with just an engineering degree from a Dutch university, Pedro received his EMBA from two Swiss universities and co-founded Omibee.

As a Managing Partner, Pedro is involved in the company's governance and strategic decisions as he is the COO of a Swiss bioinformatics company he co-founded in 2015. Pedro is a happy dinghy and monohull sailor, having discovered the sport in Lake Geneva.

Pedro Faustino
Ricardo Marcelino and family
Ricardo Marcelino Managing Partner

Designer by training, Ricardo spends his working days managing the company, clients projects and occasionally collaborating on design and UX. 

He’s a passionate husband and father of 3. When not at work or with his family, you can likely find him with friends riding his mountain bike.

Ricardo Marcelino
Luis playing guitar
Luís Mendes Senior Developer

Luís is a senior web developer at Omibee. He started to develop for the web in 1999. He acquired a lot of experience in programming through those years, specially in the HTML+PHP+Javascript stack.

When not developing, Luís can be found playing with his daughter, playing classical guitar or riding his bike.

Luís Mendes
Beatriz photographing
Beatriz Cunha Designer

A graphic designer since 2009, Beatriz works closely with the developers to create and implement webdesign projects and also assists with other tasks around the company.

Besides design there’s nothing more she loves than travelling with friends, exploring new places, trying new food, and she always volunteers to organize and document the whole experience.

Beatriz Cunha

We are an innovative young company made by experienced people.

Social and individual development are essential values at Omibee.

We are proud active members of the Drupal community, the world’s most advanced open-source content management framework.


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