Omibee Research

Made to simplify research management. The “out of the box” solution for research centers, labs and institutes.

· Manage & share information more easily
· Automate procedures
· Maximize the impact & visibility of your research

Ready to use

Omibee Research already provides all the main features, reducing development costs, and integrates easily with repositories and other sources of information.


Presentation & Goals
Team Members
Team’s Scientific Production


Mission & Objectives
News & Events


Description of the project
Research Team
Funding & Partnerships



Member Pages & Profiles
Contacts & external links
ORCID, DOI, Google Scholar, etc



Citations of publications
Research by title
Member - author mapping



Authenticus, OAI/dspace, bibtex 
Custom development
API for native apps

Secure & Customizable

Based on Drupal’s latest version, Omibee Research enables you to access all the tools you need to carefully present and manage your research activities, in a single platform.

And More

· Content moderation system · Multilingual platform ·

· Customizable & responsive design · User & permissions management ·

· Restricted section to share private files · Security monitoring system ·

· Workflows for project, funding & equipment management · Analytical tools ·

· Built in Drupal, used by the Universities of Oxford, Harvard, etc ·

· Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge · Android & iOS ·

  • How much does it cost?

    Omibee Research is a free software package that can be downloaded on Github. We only charge for the installation or customization if requested.

  • Where is the platform hosted?

    Unless otherwise required by the entity, and to be able to access the security monitoring system, the software runs on a dedicated AWS instance.

  • Who owns the software?

    Omibee Research’s source code is free - Open Source,  GNU General Public License - and can be downloaded, changed and shared without any restrictions. Customized code belongs to the entity that required and paid for the development, unless they expressed their willingness to share it publicly.

  • Are there any maintenance costs?

    The cost of domain registration and hosting will be paid by the entity. Prices for web hosting start at 10€/month. For more information, please check AWS. We do not charge for any maintenance service that hasn’t been required by the entity.

  • Who owns the data?

    The entity owns and is liable for the information gathered. Omibee cannot disclose or dispose of the entity’s data.

  • Can we change our minds?

    Absolutely. The source code is free after all. Drupal, PHP and Symphony are technologies used by thousands of developers worldwide, which means there’s no lock-in with our services.

Research management doesn’t have to be complex & time-consuming.