When Should You Outsource Content Marketing

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When Should You Outsource Content Marketing

Content, content, content. In a single Google search, you're able to find thousands of articles that tell you about the importance of content marketing in a predominantly digital world.

Whether you're looking for ways to promote and sell goods and services or strengthen your brand's reputation, any company, of any size, should focus on creating quality online content to attract the attention of potential customers and stand out from the crowd.

Just to give you an idea, a good content marketing strategy has the potential to generate 3 times more leads than sponsored links on search engines, with considerably more effective results in the long run.


Outsource Content Marketing - when does it make sense?

Content marketing is critical for your business, but it won't be successful unless you have time, talent or experience.

You will have to create a considerable amount of relevant content for a specific audience, on a regular basis.

Updating a business blog with fresh content every week can become overwhelming and pointless if you don't know what you're doing and your content efforts don't return the expected results.



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When reality doesn't meet expectation. © Adriana Rodriguez León


You should consider outsourcing your content marketing efforts if you find yourself in at least one of the following situations:


You don't have enough time

As your business grows, you get pulled into different directions and other priorities start taking up more of your time. When that happens, content creation gets usually sidelined.

For instance, a blog post with more than 1200 words has the potential to generate 9 times more leads than a blog post with less than 500 words. However, it's very unlikely you're able to properly write a 1200 word article in 30 minutes, in between meetings.

Videos are also a very effective type of content to attract more clients - 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions (Invodo). But they are also one of the most time-consuming forms of content to create.

If you're missing out on lead-generating opportunities because you don't have enough time, you should seriously think about outsourcing your content marketing.


You don't have enough content

Producing a blog post once a month, isn't really the way to go if you're looking to get more traffic and increase your sales.

Only by sharing large amounts of quality content, you'll be able to improve visibility in search engine rankings and to establish your company as an online authority in your industry.

If we look at statistics, companies that publish at least 16 articles per month get 3.5 times more traffic than companies that settle for 4 or less articles per month.

If you're not able to create large amounts of content, in a short period of time, or don't have a dedicated team available to take care of it, it could be a good idea to outsource content marketing.

You don't have enough results

The primary goal of content marketing is to showcase solutions and options for the problems your target audience is trying to solve or the products they're trying to find.

Your content should attract and win the trust of your audience, generate new leads and convert them into new customers.

If your company sells swimming pools, an in-depth guide about avoiding high maintenance costs is a good example of how to use content marketing to attract the attention of potential clients rather than using paid advertising.

However, you may not be the only supplier with a useful maintenance guide. It's a difficult task to stand out and capture people's interest in your content.

On average, a user reads an online article in 37 seconds. You only have 37 seconds to convince the reader that your content is the best among dozens of other articles on the same subject.

If you are producing your own content without the expected results, you may need a different perspective, a new approach or a new voice through outsourcing.


How to Outsource Content Marketing?

Know which jobs you want to outsource 

Content marketing is more than writing blog posts and making videos.
You may need freelancers for a variety of jobs, such as graphic design, video editing, social media management, etc.

Have a strategy in place

To find the most suited freelancer(s) or agency, you have to know beforehand what you want to achieve with your content marketing and how you want to achieve it.


Know your numbers

It can be more cost-effective to outsource content marketing than to hire full time staff. However, take your time set your to budget to be sure your company can bear the additional cost.

Know where to look

If you're looking for a content writer, there are several platforms to find experienced freelancers:


If you're looking into outsourcing most of your content marketing, a digital marketing agency can offer you a more complete service for what you need.


When Not to Outsource Content Marketing?

Your company may still be starting up and you still have enough time to produce your own content, find your own voice and build your reputation online.

However, if you have a small team and don't have the expertise to create quality content, or if you don't want to hire additional full-time staff, to outsource content marketing may be the right way to go.

If you need help outsourcing your content marketing, get in touch with our digital marketing team.