See you, Web Summit 2016!

web summit

See you, Web Summit 2016!

For 4 days, Lisbon hosted the Web Summit, Europe’s largest technology conference, inviting around 53,000 entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, business executives, political leaders...and 3 proud Omibee representatives!

Representantes da Omibee no Web Summit

During the 4 days of the event, we spent more than 40% of our time queueing in metro stations….

Filas no metro para o Web Summit

…..queueing to get inside the venue….

Filas para entrar no Web Summit

...and queueing to get lunch.

Filas para almoçar no Web Summit

In between, there was still plenty of time to attend at least 40 sessions - or shall we say, mild conversations - about trends and tendencies, technological innovations and the challenges of today’s digital society:

Artificial intelligence will start a new era in the global business sector, in the near future, with a negative impact on our labor markets.

Robótica no Web Summit
A robot that follows you and offers coffee (Delta Q).

Chatbots are here to stay and to change the way we interact on several levels.


Chatbots são tendência no Web Summit

Facebook’s new platform allows businesses to deliver automated customer support through chatbots.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will provide for increasingly immersive experiences - and not only for entertainment purposes.

Experiência de realidade aumentada NOS
NOS is the first Portuguese telco to announce an Augmented Reality TV experience.

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US presidential elections became the talk of the event, especially considering the impact it might have in the upcoming years.

Cartaz em Lisboa responde a Trump
Several posters were placed around the venue, in response to Trump's electoral promise of building a wall (note: review if English is correct before printing the poster).


But the Web Summit  is really and mostly about 3 things : networking, networking and networking.


After a long day of sessions and meetings, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals gathered in many of Lisbon’s official Night Summit bars to extend their network of contacts, pitch their ideas or have a drink.

So, was it worth the time and the money, in the end? When you think about what you get out of networking, it’s always a good investment. Even more so, if you have a booth to showcase your company internationally and to attract potential investors, clients and partners.

Despite several flaws in the organization of the event (and bad Wi-Fi) and the lack of inspirational sessions and speeches, we feel the Web Summit really showed another side of Portugal, apart from its landscape, food or wine -, where entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are very much alive!

See you (maybe) in 2017.