How To Be Happier At Work

By Ricardo Marcelino·2 min read
Happiness at work Illustration

Think about your favorite activity. What if it turns into an obligation you have to do every day, all day, adjusting it to others tastes and needs? It would probably not be so much fun anymore, right?

When kids think about what job they would like to have when they grow up, there are usually three things involved:

  • Fun, like flying jets and driving racing cars.
  • Recognition, as in a pop star or a football player.
  • Tribute, like having the same job as their father or mother.

Our career path is usually defined early on. We have to choose our field of study in high school, and most of us are not really sure about what to choose.

At this stage, fun has lost some weight, and we consider areas that we had more success in or the ones that we really disliked. Still we have a very vague, usually distorted, image of the jobs connected with each field of expertise.

After spending years studying in university, we have a diploma and expectations...a lot of them. We are about to start an amazing journey that will bring us financial freedom and increasing success.

I hate to break you the bad news but, work is hard, competitive and demands discipline and compromise. If you want to be happier at work, you need to be doing something you like, at a company that values your effort and have the right attitude:

  • Treat your colleagues well. You’ll be spending most of your awaken time with them. Let them know that you’re available to help and reach out to them when needed.

  • Do your job as well as possible and push to improve. You’ll get pleasure from seeing your great work and getting recognition from others.

  • Play, sing, dance,… know when to have some fun at the office and with your colleagues (like we do at Omibee).


be happy at work

Last but not least, and most likely the most important part, set your work-life balance to avoid getting burned out. Living a healthy, happy life out of the office really helps to be also happier at work.