8 Tips On How To Get More Clients

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8 Tips On How To Get More Clients

1. Know what you do and who it is for

This might seem trivial, but knowing your products’ and services’ competitive advantages and your audience is crucial to get more clients.

If you have a product, make sure the brand, website, packaging and all other communication elements are in line with your audience. Sharing your brand's story with your audience is a great way to improve confidence.


2. Present what you have made so far

If you want to hire someone, you want to be sure that you choose someone that can deliver the results you expect. Show what you did so far, explain why and try to get comparable performance indicators: for instance, before and after satisfaction levels. 

You can create case studies to display on your website, social networks, in event presentations, etc.


3. Create content and be active in groups and social media

Create a blog, podcast, video, ebook, photos or anything that can help to tell your story and to build up trust with potential clients

Being active on social networks and participating in groups on Linkedin and Facebook can also promote your brand and your products and eventually generate leads.


4. Use recommendations

Reach out to your existing clients and ask for feedback and explore new ideas and markets. If they like your products or services, ask for their testimonials. Reputation is often one of the most valued arguments in the decision-making. 

Keep your existing clients happy and they will most likely tell others about you.


5. Use and expand your network

Reach out to the ones you know and get to know new people. The weaker ties are often the most efficient ones.


6. Partner with other companies

Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not partnering with someone with the right skills or structure? Even competitors can become good allies. They probably share some of your challenges, so why not split the investment costs?


7. Create well targeted campaigns

Be specific. Narrow your audience and tailor your message. Measure your results and adjust your formula. Depending on the channel, there are a lot of tools to track your results. For the web and social media, you can use Google Analytics and tools provided by each platform. You can see what campaign is performing better, iterate and A/B test your assumptions.


8. Keep improving and be consistent

Compare yourself with others and keep improving your offer. The point is not mimicking your competitors, but to be aware of the different competitive advantages and to be involved in the innovations and trends of your market. Be as transparent and consistent in your message as possible. Trust is a key factor to get and maintain clients.

Every business needs clients and having a great product and service will help, but it’s not enough. You need to raise awareness, engage and convert. Going door to door, in this day and age, could hardly be a very efficient way to get clients. Discover your clients and let them know why you are a good fit. It’s always better to have leads coming to you already informed.

Any other tips on how to get more clients? Give us your feedback!