4 Useful Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

4 useful websites to bookmark

4 Useful Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

Whether we use the Internet to work, search or procrastinate (the latter probably one of my own biggest regrets), every day we go through a plethora of websites. And even after spending so much time online, rarely we come across useful websites that can actually make our lives easier and more interesting.

To make the online experience more productive, here is a list of 4 useful websites that can help you avoid spam, edit content, find information, and automate tasks more easily on the World Wide Web.


10 Minute Mail

Whenever we use our email address to register on a website or sign up for a download, we run the risk of getting flooded with promotions and newsletters that add little or nothing to our lives.

We often overlook a lot of fine print and end up giving permission to sell our information to others.

This is when 10 Minute Mail comes to the rescue. 10 Minute Mail is a free service that generates a temporary, disposable email address that will self-destruct after 10 minutes, perfect for signing up for websites and services that you want to test or don’t trust.

All you have to do is visit the website and it randomly generates a temporary email address and inbox, starting the countdown at 10:00.


useful websites 10 minute mail

This service doesn’t require any registration. Just copy the email, use it to sign up, receive the confirmation email or link directly on the same page and reply if necessary.

If you need more time, you can extend it for an additional 10-minute period by hitting the refresh icon. When the account expires, the inbox is deleted, leaving no trace for spam attempts.

Although it’s not the most beautifully designed website, it certainly does the job, allowing you to register safely without clogging up your real inbox with junk mail.

Important: Use only for one-time downloads and services or websites you want to test, since you won’t be able to reset passwords or receive other important information once the temporary email account is deleted.


Adobe Spark

Incredibly, Adobe has a free content editing tool called Adobe Spark. Without belittling or underestimating the power of Photoshop and other Adobe software, we have to admit that they come with steep learning curves and high costs, especially for people who own a small company or a personal blog and without any design experience.

Adobe Spark is the answer to the prayers of "non-designers" (and very busy designers) making it possible to create images, videos and web pages, with less effort and in less time.


useful websites for content editing Adobe Spark

This one-stop content shop makes it easy for anyone to create social media posts, graphics, web pages and animated videos. The dashboard is very intuitive and gives you the possibility to edit colours, text, fonts, layouts, add images and icons.

On top of that, Adobe Spark is part of Creative Cloud, running in browsers and on iOS devices, which means that you can start a project on your computer and continue to edit it on your iPhone or iPad. Just sign up for a free account, get inspired and start creating.


Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is definitely a fan favourite for geeks, academics and information addicts. However, it can also be a useful website for anyone looking for accurate answers.

You’re probably wondering why not simply use Google to search for those answers. Google is a powerhouse in search engine terms.

However, Google answers our queries by providing links related to the information we’re looking for. Wolfram Alpha is a “computational knowledge engine” that answers our queries directly with facts.


useful websites for finding exact answers Wolfram Alpha


It may seem confusing at first, but it’s a great tool once you can wrap your head around it. Put Wolfram Alpha to work for you on a day-to-day basis, the possibilities are endless:  

  • Compare information
    Enter two terms with a vs in between them and you’ll get a comparison. For example, compare "Rome vs Lisbon" to see the differences in total population, area, local time and weather conditions. The same formula applies to websites (Google vs. Firefox), TV series (Big Bang Theory vs. Friends) and even superheroes (Superman vs. Spiderman).

  • Get secure passwords 
    It’s not always easy to create a secure password, but Wolfram Alpha gives you a hand. Just enter the amount of characters you want. Example: "8 characters password".

  • Get nutrition information
    To know how many calories a particular type of food has, simply enter the name like "pizza". You don’t have to stop at one - enter multiple types of food (ex. pizza hamburger hot dog) and Wolfram Alpha will compare them for you.


This is just scratching the surface of what Wolfram Alpha can do. Plug in anything you’re curious about and see what happens. 



More than ever, time is precious. Our daily digital lives have to take into account several devices, platforms, and services and seemingly simple tasks like posting and scheduling become tricky. So, any solution to make our life easier is greatly appreciated.

Thankfully, there’s something called If This Then That - IFTTT - a free and easy way to automate tasks between apps, platforms and services.

IFTTT works through “applets”: simple scripts where some type of event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another.

There’s a huge variety of applets to choose from: for example, automatically save gmail attachments to Google Drive or Dropbox, automatically send emails to someone who comments on a WordPress blog, or send a message to your children's smartphones when the car arrives at the school entrance.

IFTTT supports more than 500 services (compatible with Android and iOS devices) and provides a big collection of applets for social networks, smart appliances, smart home systems, and devices such as weather stations, audio systems, and wearables.


useful websites for automating tasks IFTTT



To get started, head to the IFTTT website and click the Sign Up link to set up a free account. IFTTT will then take you through a crash course on how to use the site, and ask you to select services you’re interested in.

Once you’re all set up, IFTTT is fairly easy to use: you’ll get various applet recommendations, you can search for applets by service (for example, Gmail, Facebook, etc.) or create your own applets.

IFTTT is a great tool for automating everyday tasks, on the job and at home.


Did we miss useful websites that should have been included in the list? If so, tell us which!