10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Web Development

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10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Web Development

I was surfing the web in search for the latest trends in web tools and noticed that Google Chrome is still, by far, the most popular web browser out there, with over 50% of market share as of January 2017 (according to statistics available on StatCounter).

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As web developers, we spend huge chunks of our time using our best friend, the browser. If Google Chrome is your “pet” of choice, it pays to explore what plugins are available to make your work easier and more effective.

Built-in developer tools provided by Google are already strong enough for developers to do their job. However with access to thousands of applications and extensions on the Chrome, web store developers can have the best environment available making their lives a lot easier.

In this article, I recommend some Chrome extensions with the ability to make our life as developers a little easier.


#1 - Web Developer


Web Developer


A little toolbar with a lot of different tools available. From CSS utilities to Cookie editions passing on forms and validations, this plugin has thousands of downloads and has already showed its value for the Chrome community. If you are a web developer, this is one of the best tools for you to add to your working environment, since it provides a great diversity of services.

#2 - YSlow




If you are working with website optimization I recommend YSlow. This extension analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages created by Steve Souders. YSlow grades web pages based on one of three predefined rulesets or a user-defined ruleset. It offers suggestions for improving the page's performance, summarizes the page's components and displays statistics about the page.

#3 - Form Filler


Form Filler


This extension allows you to fill all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with random/dummy data. You will just need to press one button and everything will be done for you without effort. This is a must for developers who work with forms as it avoids the need for manually entering values in fields. It will save you a lot of time!


#4 - Colorzilla




Colorzilla is a group of utilities for color management, wrapping advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator as well as other colorful goodies. Colorzilla was first made for Firefox, but due to its success (over 5 million downloads) it was also built for Chrome. If you are a designer make sure you add this to your color utilities.


#5 - Clear Cache


Clear Cache


Very straightforward. As the name indicates, it allows you to easily clear the cache.

You can customize what and how much of your data you want to clear on the options page, including: App Cache, Cache, Cookies, Downloads, File Systems, Form Data, History, Indexed DB, Local Storage, Plugin Data, Passwords and WebSQL.


#6 - Image Downloader


Image Downloader


If you work with content and want to download all the images from a webpage, this may be the place to go. It also allows filters based on width, height and url, as well as wildcards and regex expressions. Need to download images from a website? Give it a try!


#7 - JSONView




When you work with JSON, reading raw code may not be the most appealing thing out there.

JSON documents are shown in the browser similar to how XML documents are shown. Using JSONView the document is formatted, highlighted, and arrays and objects can be collapsed. Even if the JSON document contains errors, JSONView will still show the raw text.


#8 - Postman




Postman is a powerful HTTP client for testing web services. Postman makes it easy to test, develop and document APIs by allowing users to quickly put together both simple and complex HTTP requests. Postman extension is a real time saver, making it easier for developers to test and work. Indeed, Postman is a must-have tool for developers that regularly work with APIs–from developers.


#9 - PHP Ninja Manual


PHP Ninja


If you are a web developer working with PHP this extension will will help you save time searching google for PHP information. It provides PHP 5.5 documentation in eight languages always available right in your browser. Give it a try!


#10 - IE Tab


IE Tab


IE Tab is simple and interesting. It emulates the old Internet Explorer by using the IE rendering engine directly within Chrome. It will enable you to use ActiveX controls and test your web pages with different versions of IE (IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9). If you are working with different platforms and want to test webapplications on them make sure you try this. However, be careful, because this extension is windows only.


All of these Chrome extensions can be useful for your job depending on what you are working on. Make sure you select the ones that best suit your needs. Found anything you like? Do you know other extensions that could be added to this list?