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Omibee Research
Omibee product.

Endless bureaucratic procedures, reports, grant applications and budget constraints make it difficult managing research activities, more efficiently. Omibee set the challenge to develop a solution that employs a “one-stop-shop” principle, in order to make managing research activities easier and less time-consuming.


Omibee Research - an “out-of-the-box”, multilingual and responsive platform that already provides all the main features, reducing development costs.

Omibee Research

Omibee Research enables research centers to automatically import and update information related to publications and other outputs, integrate workflows, easily generate reports and improve the communication and overall online presence.

Omibee Research
Omibee Research

Built using the latest version of Drupal 8, this digital solution includes a careful selection of modules, such as BibCite that helps to organize and save bibliographic data about the content ranging from web pages to books and scientific research works.

Omibee Research

Omibee Research has already been successfully implemented in several renowned Portuguese research centers.