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Endless bureaucratic procedures, reports, grant applications and budget constraints make it difficult managing research activities, more efficiently. Researchers work long hours to recover valuable time to put into their projects and writing scientific articles, given the growing focus on performance measurement as a way to secure promotions and funding. They would benefit from using a system that employs a “one-stop-shop” principle, making managing their activities easier and less time-consuming.


Develop a budget-friendly, ready-to-use digital and customizable solution to automatically import and update information related to publications and other outputs, integrate workflows, easily generate reports and improve the communication and online presence as a whole.  

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The main goal was to create a style that could be easily and quickly adapted to each center’s identity, by changing colours, fonts and images. An informal and professional look with a well balanced use of text and picture heroes the content. An extra attention was also given to the back-office to ease site management.

Omibee Research design
Omibee Research design

Omibee Research was built using the latest version of Drupal 8, an open source CMS with an active community.  A careful selection of integrations was added and configured with the goal of simplifying the platform management and expanding its possibilities.


An “out-of-the-box”, multilingual and responsive platform that already provides all the main features, reducing development costs. OR integrates easily with repositories and other sources of information. A restricted section to share private files and the possibility to manage users and permissions and integrate workflows simplifies research management for better results. Already successfully implemented in several research centers across Portugal.

Omibee Research Homepage