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Mathematics research department of the University of Porto.

Consolidate and automate day-to-day processes for faster and easier communication and provide a faculty intranet and information portal for students to manage information, people and resources across the department.


Bespoke tooling development in close collaboration with the institution, to build a strong specification of the client's needs by modeling and understanding the business process and stakeholders. Continuous integration in short, feature-oriented development cycles.

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The concept was based on the institution's colours to maintain brand consistency and paired with an informal, updated, intuitive and user-centred design. Fractals, chaos theory and geometry inspired an animation to differentiate the homepage visually.

FCUP design detail
FCUP design detail

We chose Drupal 8 to develop the project, taking advantage of the features offered out of the box: user roles management, visual content edition and information management. Custom development on top of Drupal 8's APIs enabled flexibility.


Paper work lead time decreased significantly. The website is more than an institutional presence, it's a dependable, trusted source of information where the whole academic community interacts on a daily basis.

Fcup website