By The Ways: Mobile Travel App

By The Ways
Startup, Portugal.

Product discovery and MVP development to build a web & mobile app where users can discover outdoor trails & activities across Portugal, rate and share their experience.


Build a native mobile and a web application that uses Mapbox to display map and cartography data and create a content management and production backend that allows the client to keep features and information up-to-date.

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A warm and friendly look, with concise information regarding places and routes. The user experience was modeled based on the predicted behaviour of the app's personas.

BTW design detail
BTW design detail

Content is created and managed using a backend interface, developed with Drupal 8. On top of it, we've created a public API that distributes content to the mobile app. We chose Mapbox to display cartography data and geo-localized content.


The product discovery and MVP phase of the project allowed the client to pivot and prioritize their needs and take their business strategy to the next level.

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