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Programmatic advertising platform, USA

Building a customizable video web player for ad content distribution in content publishers media network and deliver up-to-date ad revenue statistics to publisher clients. Develop a HTML5-based data analytics and visualization dashboard with ad revenue information for publishers.


Continuous integration and deployment, allowing to quickly iterate over the client's rapid-changing needs.

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A simple and intuitive design, based on Adklip's brand colours and elements. The interactive graph and key data are the heroes of this design, that combine with appropriate filters to provide the user with different levels of information.

Adklip design detail
Adklip design detail

The web video player was developed using HTML5 and Javascript in order to be standard compliant and, as such, be as multi-platform as possible. Laravel allowed for the fast development of the dashboard tool due to its stable and well-documented APIs. C3.js enabled the reuse of data charting components in a flexible, interactive and intuitive way.


The client's business proposition became more manageable, now delivers value quicker and requires less human intervention. Many man-hours were saved by providing their publisher clients with automated business reporting facilities.

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